Wednesday, 22 July 2015


This is the Tandem and Tuba Explorer resuming contact with planet Earth...we are on course and outbound from Cornwall, with a full payload of still and video images, and memories, awaiting upload when we can get organised...

We set off on Monday in thick mist from (we think) Land's End, and arrived fairly damp at Newlyn for a coffee stop. The first sight to greet us in the gallery café was...a tuba! This had to be a sign. A sunny (but hilly) afternoon took us to Perranporth Youth Hostel, in a spectacular clifftop location overlooking the surfers' beach.

Blue sky and a drying wind at Perranporth

Tuesday was sunnier - and hillier. After a lunch break when hammocks were slung and swung in, a weary but determined band of cyclists continued, to arrive at Tintagel Youth Hostel (brake or go over the cliff) in an even more dramatic setting, only enhanced by a peregrine falcon hovering motionless in the gale just over the car park. Some of us enjoyed an atmospheric walk to Tintagel Castle in the dusk at 10pm, a nightjar calling from the undergrowth.

Today (Wednesday) was the hilliest yet, but didn't quite feel it. Just maybe we are starting to get into the swing of it.  The narrow country lanes of Cornwall gave way to broader views in Devon, with a beautiful downhill run to Egloskerry. The tandem suffered on the off-road (read: no road) stretch of Cycle Route 27 on the edge of Dartmoor, but was able to make it to Okehampton Youth Hostel thanks to the long stretch of converted railway line to finish. Repair or replacement of bent derailleur will be needed tomorrow. Tonight we celebrated Harry's 20th birthday with lasagne, chocolate cake and cider!

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