Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Across the Mersey

Hello from Formby. 

Look how far we've gone now!

Mum and Dad keep bickering about who gets to cycle, or who gets to drive the car, I think us boys will have to set up a strict rota for them to follow. In the end, Dad did the first 50 miles through cold rain showers to the Mersey Ferry, then Mum did the last 15 miles from Liverpool in the sunshine with beautiful seaside views over to North Wales. I guess that gives him the bragging rights but she got a nicer cycle. As for Jamie, he just sat on his tandem and pedalled from 9am till 7pm without a complaint (apart from “I'm starving” shortly before we arrived at a plate of delicious Lasagne cooked by our friends John and Helen).

Enjoying a little boat ride across the river

Jamie takes a break by the beach
Markus is currently slaving away in front of a laptop with bleary eyes... if he stays awake long enough there should be a new video for you in the morning!