Saturday, 1 August 2015

Ettrick Valley via Tibet

Tandem and Tuba are officially in Scotland!

The Lake District seemed to whizz by in a blur of misty crags with Jamie powering up the hills. Dropping down into the borders, we were glad to be away from the queues of caravans and amazed to find the entire length of England behind us.

Each day I seem to find myself thinking "today is the nicest day yet". But today was surely the nicest day yet. A cooling breeze helped ease us up deserted roads through wide open country and swathes of green forest. We even had a Buddhist temple to stop at for lunch.

A sudden downpour threatened to ruin the fun, but we soon arrived at our yurt in the Ettrick valley. This cosy, glorified tent in the middle of nowhere makes a change at least! (Thankfully it's too cold for the midges.)

Snacks at the end of Thirlmere, Lake District

Empty Scotland

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