Monday, 10 August 2015

Tandem and Tuba Official Prize-Giving

The results are in. It turns out cycling the length of the country doesn't happen all by itself, and I think it's time to admit that we had a lot of help along the way. Big round of applause please...

Gold Awards for cycling the WHOLE way on the SAME saddle

Jamie Carstairs (the man himself, tandem engine and tuba player)
Markus Dell (cousin, filmmaker extraordinaire, did it on a mountain bike)

Gold Awards for cycling the WHOLE way (on various saddles)

Joe Carstairs (little-but-much-taller brother, did it in his sleep, 99% on the same bike)
Harry Carstairs (big brother, probably annoyed everyone by singing the whole way)

Silver Awards for cycling HALF of the way

Mungo Carstairs (dad, the mastermind behind it all, chief navigator and blogger)
Sarah Carstairs (mum, source of common sense, kept show on the road with supreme organisational skills)

Bronze Awards for cycling SOME of the way

5 days: cousin Oliver Dell
3 days: Nelson
1.5 days: Lidia, Habib and Uncle Jamie
1 day: Uncle Richard
And half a day: Katie, Annette, Joe (Stanger) and Susy

Best Aunties Ever

Katie Hill and Susy Carstairs, both of whom kept us going with never ending enthusiasm and some very tasty cooking.

Five Star Hotels

The awards for hospitality go to...

Relatives David and Judith for a comfortable night on our way down to Land's End. Included enough beef to keep us cycling for a week and a laundry service.

John and Helen for lasagne, beds, and an expert local guide. We'd have been very lost in Liverpool without John cycling in front.

Christine for putting us up and feeding the hordes with a delicious casserole in Edinburgh.

Very Special Mentions

Oliver Haas for designing our logo and poster... Granny and Grandpa who showed their support from start to finish... Izzy who cheered us on for three days despite the pouring rain at Taunton... Pat and Adrian who waved us off into the Lake District... Nana who met us in Dalwhinnie... the Todd family for a cheer at John O'Groats... Oz for cooking up the tastiest chicken ever... Amy and Malcom for appearing in St Briavels with ALL of our favourite curries...Callum for feeding our cat (yet again) while we were away...

The Baking Prizes

Best motivational chocolate cake - Louise Ritchie and her girls
Most delicious flapjacks - threeway tie between Penny, Esme and Susy!

Commendable Cups of Tea

No adventure would be possible without a good brew now and again! Due credit goes to...
Jan and Oliver Haas
Colin and Katrina at their Morangie B&B in Tain
Bruce and Dorothy Field 
and the man who gave us some hot water (it's the thought that counts)

...and simply EVERYONE who spared us a moment by waving a flag, tooting a horn, donating to the YMPA, watching the videos and even just reading this blog.  Thank you to every single person who made our journey from Land's End to John O'Groats a reality, a pleasure, and a success.

PS. I hear that footage of possibly the first person ever to play the tuba sitting on a bench at John O'Groats is on its way to you SOON!

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